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Our Services

We provide so much more than joint sealing for your home or business. We take a collective approach with developers and builders to install the correct expansion joint systems for buildings, so you don’t run into future issues.

Kitchen Sealing
Bench tops, sinks, splash backs, pantry, skirtings and kick boards – no matter where sealing is needed we have the material and colours for your job. Call now to discuss your options or book in a time for a quote.

Bathroom Sealing
Showers, vanities, toilets, baths, mirrors, skirtings, tiled surfaces – all these need sealing with mould resistant silicone. We can match any colour and guarantee a finish that will last and provide the best protection possible.

Paving and Pool Sealing
The sealing of pool coping, tiles or paving can over time start to deteriorate. We have durable materials that can ensure your entertainment areas remain safe and secure from water ingress and look like the day it was built.

Exterior Sealing
Expansion joints and gaps in brickwork, render or paths will deteriorate over time. While these are not structural issues it does allow for moisture to penetrate walls or foundation which can cause rot or attract termites.

Ceilings and Cornice Sealing
If you notice cracks or separation from walls then its time to consider some sealing before it gets beyond repair. We have the right product and colours to match your current decor and can blend in or be painted.

Living and Sleeping Area Sealing
Skirting’s and tile edges in living areas take the greatest wear and tear through regular cleaning. We specialise in removing old silicone and replacing with durable professional materials that will last and look like new.

Silicone Caulking
We do both internal and external silicone caulking for many different surfaces and materials. Regardless of the gap size, we’ll get them filled in.

Joint Sealing
We provide silicone joint sealing for a variety of joints and surfaces to help protect them from thermal expansion and other elements.